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Akatsuki + 1 Chapter 6
Chapter 6:
Taka and Zinan arrive at the chamber, when they hear a dog barking. They turn around to see Yang running towards them.
"Yang?" Zinan catches him in his arms.
"Where's Senichi?" Taka frantically looks around, but doesn't locate the green-haired boy anywhere. Tears start to form under her eyes.
Zinan puts down Yang and turns to his friend.
"Taka, you go find Kisame. I will figure out what happened to Senichi."
She starts to protest, but stops knowing it won't do her any good. They hug and go their separate ways. Taka turns towards the building and takes a big breath.
"You can do this." She looks down at the ring Senichi gave her this morning. "He is definitely in for it once I see him. Kisame Hoshigaki, today is the last day you will ever step foot in this village." She walks in.
Itachi watches her and creates a crow to send up to his partner waiting in the main office. Kisame is sitting at the desk, reading the papers.
"I see…The new Mizukage was going to be named today.
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Akatsuki + 1 Chapter 5
Chapter 5:
"I have found them." Zetsu reports. Kisame is about to reply when he realizes something, "Them? Who is the other?"
"I do not know, but I assume he is here to assist Taka."
"Then dispose of him immediately." Kisame lays out for Zetsu to accomplish. With that, the other akatsuki member disappears into the ground. The shark-human turns to his partner, "Itachi, I need you to watch the outer perimeter of this building. Especially since this is the only one left standing."
"What is so important about this girl? I thought you were here to assassinate the Mizukage?" Itachi questions his friend's intentions.
"The Mizukage died three days ago."
"Then why.." Itachi starts but Kisame interrupts him.
"The counselors were going to announce today that Taka will be named the fourth Mizukage."
"I see. Then won't it be difficult? I mean, she is your best friend from your old village."
"I shall not hesitate. When I see her, I will kill her. There is no doubt about that."
"Is that how you will
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Akatsuki + 1 Ch.4
Chapter 4:
Klang! Klink!
"They've deflected everything!" Says an exhausted mist ninja.
"You must know I hate waiting. The same goes for keeping others waiting as well. So tell us where the Mizukage's chamber is, and we might spare you."
"Oh, calm down Sasori. Hmmm. Just keep the ones closest to the Mizukage alive so we can hear the good news, hmmm?"
The artist pair appear from the cloud of dust. One of them opens his hand, revealing a clay bird.
"Then again, we can have some fun with these two. Right Sasori, my man." Deidara smiles.
"Whatever, lets just make this short and sweet." The puppet master says from inside Hiruko.
"You think it was a good idea to leave him Yang?" Taka asks her friend.
"Yang can change his chakra to any element he wants in order to gain an advantage. He can also store a little bit of someone else's chakra so he can track them down. He's a smart dog. Don't worry." Zinan reassures the brunette.
The two ninjas continue to search for any sign of Kisame. Meanwhile,
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Akatsuki+1 Chapter 3
Chapter 3:
Zinan is woken up by some unknown noise.
This time it shakes the whole apartment.
"What in the world was that?"
Knock! Knock!
"Coming!" Zinan gets out of bed and quickly changes before opening the door. Yang is right behind him.
Zinan opens the door to find a man wearing a spiral orange mask and a black cloak with red clouds.
"Hi there!" The stranger greets him.
"Who are you? What do you want?" Asks a suspicious Zinan.
"I'm Tobi! And I was also wondering if you could tell me where the Mizukage's Chamber is located."
"Why in the seven hells would I tell you that?"
"Because Kisame Hoshigaki is back and he wants to actually complete his failed attempt at the Mizukage's assassination."
Hearing Kisame's name, he lunges forward, hands ready to strangle Tobi, when all of a sudden, he hits the wall!
"Hahahahaha! That tickled!"
"What in the world?" He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ninja star, and throws it. The ninja tool goes right through Tobi!
"I gotta go befor
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Kyogre by Deutsch-chan123 Kyogre :icondeutsch-chan123:Deutsch-chan123 0 0 Pichu by Deutsch-chan123 Pichu :icondeutsch-chan123:Deutsch-chan123 0 0 Pein by Deutsch-chan123 Pein :icondeutsch-chan123:Deutsch-chan123 2 1
Akatsuki+1 Chapter 2
Chapter 2:
Sitting in the village's park, holding paper bags of their lunch, the four Chunin are sitting at a picnic table. Senichi, being the first one done, turns to Taka who is quietly eating her ham and cheese sandwich.
"Hey Taka," Senichi starts off with.
"Wanna walk back up to the village and go to the…"
"The what?" asks Taka, curious as about where he wanted to take her.
"I can't answer unless you tell me!" she says as she scoots closer to the blushing green-haired ninja.
Senichi looks at his phone, "Oh, won't you look at that! I forgot that I have to get home and feed my fish."
"You don't have any fish. Remember Yang ate the last of them last week?" Zinan corrects his best friend while spitting burger out of his mouth.
"And don't use the excuse you used last time." Morumaru explains while crumpling up his bag.
"What excuse?!"
"You know, the old 'I have to water my flowers excuse'? Come on man, you're not gay."
Taka and Zinan snicker to themselves qui
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Akatsuki + 1
Nothing can be heard inside the tiny office room located within the Mizukage's Chamber in the center of the Hidden Mist Village, except for the occasional breath by one of its two occupants. Senichi Kiroro was born in the sand village, but moved to and graduated from the mist village. His partner, Zinan Inuzuka, was feeding his dog while reading Make out Tactics, the latest book by Lord Jiraiya of Konohagakure.
"Why do you read such boring books?" asked a disgusted Senichi.
"Do you have something better in mind?" replied Zinan, being a little hesitant.
"Yeah, actually I do. Let's go grab Taka and Morumaru and bring them down to the training facility to have a fight."
"We just trained though!" whined Zinan.
"But by ourselves. This time we can try out new moves and jutsu. I really want to show you guys this jutsu I've been working on and finally mastered!" Senichi said while standing up and reaching for his weapon pack on his desk.
Zinan sighs, but does as his friend does, not wanting to
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Well, I certainly have not been on here in awhile! lalala soooooooooooooooooooooooooo I'll catch you up (like a journal entry a way lol) To start off i just attended my freshman orientation for Northern Kentucky University! There, I shall be pursuing a major in the Theatre Arts! (dramatic, I know) and also, this year I will be coaching a middle school team for Odyssey of the Mind! Back to the orientation because I forgot to add something *facepalm* I met sooooooo many new friends (WHO ARE FREAKING AWESOME BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) lalala I can't also leave out my wonderful and amazing boyfriend of 7 months!!!!! His name is Gene and he is just....well, perfection (to me at least...but that's ok!!!!) hehehe

So i will try and post things (if i ever get back around to finishing that FanFic i made hahahha)

Except I have no idea where I put the rest of the chapter notes.......CRAP!!!!!!!!! oh well, nothing like starting over right???
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Devin "Devvy" Habig
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Ich bin ein Homosexuell und ich bin eine Studentin bei Northern Kentucky University. Ich werde Theatre Arts und Dance studien bei NKU. Ich rede zwei Sprache: Englisch und Deutsch. Ich liebe es zu singen und Musik zu schreiben. Ich bin 18 Jahre alt. Frag mich für mehr wissen. :3



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